Days of conflict

Hello, this is my second post and how I love to share our journey with you. Hopefully you excited to read our stories and enjoy every bit of it! 

Henry Ford once said, 

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

That quotes really represent what Irene and I going through. Lots of fuss began to occur starting from June 2017 until December 2018. Lots of debate! And once again our commitment as partner has been tested. Many times I asked my self, "Did I choose the right partner? Should we just drop off everything and walk separately?"

Without realizing, I play the victim to circumstances I created.

"I did this all alone by my self!"

"For sure I work harder than her"

"Unlike me, why Irene dont give 100% on this."

And lots of negative thoughts. I am a very straight forward person that spit out whatever comes in my mind. I did realize that some of my words might hurt Irene's feeling, she is the soft-kind-hearted woman kinda type.

Not long enough, it affect badly to the business. Important decisions need to be made, but it took hours even days to meet a point of agreement. Yes! Its because we are in high tense towards each other.

December 2018

Is the turning point of everything. I vividly remember what my church has taught me,

"Relationship above all else." 

Always choose relation above money, throne nor power. Because wealth is the cheapest blessing God can give.

Back then, I was in the middle of marriage counseling with my husband. And our chruch leader remind me to always trust God for He is already there.

Its like a HUGE slap in my face. Growing up I forgot to rely on God as I used to be. Big girl they said, though girl they said, go conquer the world. I got busy and seems to forgot that lots of things in this world are beyond me, I surely cant control every little things. But I have God who is in control. Always in control.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Michael Jordan